'Ray was recommended to us by a third party. We were struggling with the concept of needing to down size. Ray's experience and patience helped us cope with this process. We knew that being somewhat eccentric and having customized our property as our forever home that we needed a fairly specific type of buyer. Ray persisted without making excessive demands of us and his customized sales program produced purchasers who needed a property just like ours. We cannot recommend PHT Realty highly enough. Ray's honesty, experience, economy of marketing costs, punctuality and his pleasant 'normalness' is hard to find now a days.'

Lionel and Lyn

From the moment Ray arrived to give an appraisal on our property, we both felt very comfortable and confident with his straightforward approach. We had little hesitation in engaging him to sell our property. Having done so,he was always there for us, listening to us and giving sound advice and guidance with no fanciful promises. It just felt like we were all members of a close-knit team rather than agent/clients. We found him exceptionally helpful assisting us through some unexpected challenging problems,using his experience and knowledge (his great sense of humour helped as well). Right up until finalisation of the sale, Ray exceeded all of our expectations of the service we thought we would get from any agent. Ray certainly earned his money on this one and we cannot recommend him highly enough.

Ian & Hazel

Having spent well over a year trying to sell our large unique (acreage) property through numerous well known local and Toowoomba based agents without success we were luckily introduced to Ray Hunt from Highfields.
After an initial very pleasant and professional meeting we were impressed with the openness and choice of sales procedure with not a hint of pressure or negative comments to obtain a lower sales figure.
As we intended being abroad for a minimum of 3 months we entrusted our property to Ray with the unusual request of obtaining a sale but with a completion date of six months as our apartment on the Gold Coast would not be available until then.

To our astonishment within a few weeks an offer was made and through skilful negotiations on Rays behalf an agreement on both the favorable price and completion date was reached. All aspects of the sale i.e. open house,advertising, and all subsequent visits requested by valuers, home inspectors and tradesmen etc mostly in our absence handled by Ray.

Our experience leaves us to highly recommend Ray Hunt for any property transactions as we found his friendly whilst very professional approach allows you the client to decide how you want your property marketed with no pressure to spend a fortune on advertising or auction just to find you need to drop your price substantially Give him a try you won't be disappointed !!


Thanks for your invaluable service and expertise in selling both properties in Toowoomba. As a client living three hours away, it is difficult to navigate the local market and to find a trustworthy, 100% committed agent who was at all times available to answer questions promptly and attend the house not only for inspections but to coordinate tradesmen. My mother's house was a difficult project to sell well because she had fallen into ill health and sadly passed two weeks before settlement. Ray was patient, loyal and showed great interpersonal skills, handling difficult negotiations and finalising a very sad situation with discretion and proficiency. He also achieved a good price despite his first contract falling over due to the purchasers circumstances.

Ray came to us highly recommended after our previous agent, who we paid an expensive advertising budget to, had handled an initial contract on my Mum's house very unprofessionally, wasting a lot of time and money in the process. We were feeling at a loss as Mum had been placed in care, was very stressed and her home of 30 years was now unoccupied, and the property had gone stale on the market. He really did exceed all that could be asked of an agent and my Mum and I were so grateful of that recommendation.

Please consider giving Ray the opportunity to sell your home. He is a decent and skilled operator who will not let you down, he will not make unrealistic promises, nor charge you hefty fees, and will achieve a good price for your property in a timely manner.


I cannot recommend Ray Hunt more highly, not only as an excellent Real Estate Agent, but as a man of integrity, honesty, reliability and genuine care for his clients. After my mother and stepfather died I was left the responsibility of selling their home at Rangeville, Toowoomba. I lived with my own family in country Victoria, so I flew up to Toowoomba to take care of the funeral and prepare the house for sale. With my own family responsibilities and two children with special needs, I had to return home ASAP. I spent a month or so in Toowoomba but this was not enough time to complete the house preparation. Via long distance partnership, Ray took care of every detail to bring the house to the point of sale, be it arranging painting, house repairs and modifications, council inspections, garden maintenance, security etc. He advertised the house on the internet for a very reasonable, fixed advertising price, no matter how long it would take to sell, and there were no upfront fees. He took numerous inspections and warded off any potential buyers undermining me or wanting a quick profit at my expense. He changed the advertising format and photos periodically and kept me informed of all offers and potential buyers. There were a number of obstacles along the way, mainly due to the age of the house and he was able to give me sound advice as to the best approach, eg. to what extent do I pay for house repairs, the benefit of having the house valued, and the option of price negotiation. He always gave me honest, experienced advice, in my best interest but knowing that I too wanted to be honest and sell the house with integrity. There are not many Real Estate Agents that you can say that you could have total trust in to act on your behalf for the benefit of both buyer and seller. The house has now been sold and Ray was able to represent me at the sale as well as work closely with the buyer's conveyancer and my lawyer, Corin Sankey at CLO Lawyers, Toowoomba, who I would also highly recommend.
Ray Hunt is family man and a very experienced Real Estate agent who, unlike many R/E Agents, is not in the industry just for quick money. He charges a very reasonable commission and there are no time limits or up-front fees. He is a man of integrity and is trustworthy and I guarantee you would not be disappointed if you were to entrust the sale of your house, land or business to him.